About Me

My name is Nicola Obertik. I been teaching and working with children in the Foundation Phase for 20 years, and I have always been interested in art for children, but it wasn’t until I held an art auction to raise funds for a school that I was running that I realised my passion for Children’s art.

Since deciding to take some time away from teaching to home school and raise my two children, I have explored creating art in various media – on a commission basis – for several people.

When working with Children’s Décor, parents often come to me with a specific theme for their children’s bedrooms, and I then create artwork to match, sometimes using the room décor, linen or a toy for inspiration.

In 2019 I wrote my first children’s book, ‘Imi’s Sore Tooth’, the first of a series of books. These stories are about our beautiful African Wildlife and aim to teach children about caring and helping others.

Since then, I have illustrated numerous books for other authors in a variety of styles and media, from paint, pencil to digital art.

I decided to draw my daughter which led to me drawing portraits from photographs. These make special gifts for family members. The portraits are either in pencil or digital format.

On this site you will find examples of some drawings, paintings, illustrations and books. Some traditional and some more funky. I hope that they inspire the sense of wonder that they, the children, inspire in me and what truly motivates me.

If you would like to see more follow me on Facebook and Instagram, watch the videos of the drawings on YouTube.