Illustrations Books

Every person is unique and I love to take a journey into the imaginations of others. It’s extremely satisfying making an author’s thoughts and ideas become a reality.

Here are some examples of illustrations I have done for some very special authors.

The Baboon, The Dassie and the Berries’- Bianca Flanders with Wimpy and Ethnikids

‘Forest Friends’- by Jacqui Bester
‘The Sign and Other stories’- an upcoming book by Stacey Fru, award-winning child author
‘Middleburg East’- an upcoming novel by Stacey Fru, award-winning child author
‘The Adventures in the Magical Forest’ – Ifechidelu Didi Orji
‘The Boy who was Frightened’ – Asnath Modise
Visit to the Amazing Zoo’- Chidiogo Blessing Nwude